Hosmer Wine Club is that of exclusivity.

Enjoy wines before they are released, aged library wines, cellar selects, and more. Many of these offerings are ones that are not available to the general public at the time.

Join the Club to be a part of something special!

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6 bottles / twice a year: May & November

Shipments include: new & pre-releases, library wines, cellar exclusives, and more

Suggested food pairings & recipes

Stickers, labels, and fun photos

Special offers and invitations to Wine Club exclusive events

Enjoy some of the most exclusive wines that Hosmer Winery has to offer, shipped directly to your door. With a slight ability to customize your shipments, you’ll find that our Wine Club is catered to the worldly wine drinker.

Join the Hosmer Wine Club!

If you like Hosmer wine, you’ll love the idea of getting it shipped right to your doorstep!

wine club


How does the customization work?

Since we are sending you exclusive wines, sometimes the inventory is not as much, or more than expected. About 2 weeks before the shipments go out, you will receive an email saying you are now able to edit your shipments. There may be some wines that you are required to receive, and others you can opt-out of. If you think you'll really like one, you may add more if we have enough. At this stage, you can also add on some of your favorite Hosmer wines from our store.

Are there shipping costs?

The Wine Club Shipments (May & November) always ship for FREE. No matter how many bottles you have in your shipment, there are never any shipping charges.

Do I only get the 2 shipments of 6 bottles?

You can buy as much wine as you'd like apart from the Wine Club shipments. You always get your additional 5% off wine purchases (additional to our quantity discounts) whether purchased online or in-store.

What if I receive the first shipment & decide I don’t want to be a part of the Wine Club?

Upon signing up, you commit yourself to at least 2 shipments. If you decide to cancel before then, there will be an early cancellation fee. If you want to cancel after the two shipments, there is no charge.

What If I am local / visiting the area in the time of the shipment?

If you live nearby or visit the winery often, we have a pick-up option for the shipments. We will have specific days and times set where you can come pick up from the winery. An added benefit is that we will have ``pick-up parties`` on these days sampling the wines in your shipments with food pairings - another exclusive benefit!

Hosmer Wine Club Limited Release 2016 Reisling
Hosmer Wine Club Assortment
Hosmer Wine Cabernet Franc 2012